So I think I'm going to try post my favorite wallpapers for each month! And here are my favorite wallpapers for the month of February! Enjoy! 

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I never really wore a whole set of pajamas, you know like the matching pajama shirt with the pants, until about four years ago. Growing up, I always just wore shorts and a t-shirt. Which is totally fine, don't get me wrong. But ever since I got my first pair back in my junior year of high school, it's the only thing I ever want to wear now when I go to sleep. So now I've collected multiple pairs now over the years and I want to share with you my favorites.

Target is always coming out with new ones throughout the year. So when ever I go to Target, I always have to check their pajama section. That being said, some of my favorite pajamas are mostly from Target that I've collected over the years. Instead of showing you some that aren't available anymore, I searched and found some really cute ones that are available now.

1. Vintage Pajamas // Pink Polka Dot Pajamas // Ralph Lauren Plaid Pajamas  2. Gap Plaid Pajamas // Grey Snowflake Pajamas // Gap Plaid Pajamas  3. Blue Polka Dot Pajamas // Pink Pajamas // Baby Blue Pajamas

 This is my new absolute favorite vest. It probably will be for the rest of the year at least. I just absolutely LOVE the corduroy added to the pockets and the back. What do you guys think? I would love to see what your favorite vests are? Leave a comment below! 💚

Vest from J.Crew

Sledding on my birthday sort of has become a tradition now. My birthday is three days after Christmas so its the perfect time of the year to go for a sled. (Wow, I just realized how late this post is...) My friends and I went two years ago, and we went again last year (last month lol), and we'll probably be going again this year. All of my friends work during winter break, including myself, so we hardly to get to see each other, except for on my birthday. 

I loved the simplicity of my birthday. We went sledding in the morning, went out for brunch afterwards, and then later that day, my friends all came back to my house for a movie. I'm really not a huge fan of birthday's because I never liked all the attention. I always disliked having big birthday parties growing up. But with sledding, everyone was just having a good time with each other that no one made the whole day be about me, which is exactly what I wanted. Plus, going sledding is free (if you already have your own sleds). Everyone brought their own sleds and we all met at my uncle's orchard. He doesn't technically own it but he manages the whole thing, which allowed us to have the whole orchard hill to ourselves. 

The day was absolutely perfect. Literally. The temperature was just right to where you could walk around in a long sleeve. It wasn't too cold or too hot that the snow would melt. And the sledding never got boring. I always had the issue that after going down so many times, it starts to get boring. But the guys started to add a few things to make it different and less repetitive. We started off by just sledding the hill the way it was. And the more we sled down it, the faster it got. Then the guys, added a ramp, which was fun to watch them go down it (emphasis on "watch"). And then towards the end, they started to turn themselves into another hill, when they reached the bottom of the first hill. They got really clever. 😆 

We each enjoyed each others presence and the hot chocolate my mother prepared. 

Though out the time we were sledding, I recorded random clips and as I was replaying them, I honestly didn't think I had enough footage to make a nice video that was smooth and flowed well. But I was really pleased with how well it turned out to be and how smooth it flowed. So I decided to add it to this blog post. 

I just want to thank Jesus, and give him the absolute credit. From the perfect birthday to the video turning out better than expected. Thank you, Jesus! 💛

I love having cute wallpapers for my laptop and phone but finding them isn't always the easiest. So I searched and searched and searched, and found several good ones so that you won't have to! Heres a few of my favorites below that I think fit well for the month of January.  Enjoy! :)

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SOO embarrassing that I'm just now posting my holiday outfit, but I really wanted to share so I'm posting anyways. lol Speaking of the holidays, I'll take this time to write about how my holidays went! So I finished finals on Friday, December 9th. I know its ridiculous that I'm writing about something that happened last year! 😆 Soo long ago! (Yeah, I'm still telling that joke). Anyways, I didn't go home til' Monday, December 12th and I started working the very next day in the morning. Like I mentioned before on a previous blog post, I work at a cute little bakery in Leavenworth, WA. Leavenworth is known as "the little Christmas town" or "the town of lights". It's super cute during the holidays. Every shop and every tree is covered with lights. And for that reason, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year! And I mean BUSY. They have to close all the streets to have enough room for all the tourists. At the bakery I work, we get a line that goes out the door and goes as far as to the end of the street. And the line never ends until we close. It is insane. But I absolutely love it. Everyone is in such a cheerful mood from being in the holiday spirit and I get to bake cookies all day long! 

Here's the bakery I work at!  ⤵  :)

Aaanddd a picture of the town:

You thought I was exaggerating, didn't you?

My first day off of work was on Christmas Eve. So I worked for about two weeks straight, for at least 10 hour shifts each day, sometimes I worked more than 12 hours a day. Can you see why I'm just now posting my holiday outfit post? lol 

My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, so I spent my Christmas Eve pretty much baking ALL day. I actually had to show up to the Christmas party like an hour late because I hadn't finished on time. I made snowmen and snowflake decorated cookies for the party. The cookies literally lasted about a minute. I didn't exaggerate to you before, so you can trust me now when I say that I literally had taken just a step inside, and all the cookies were gone.  It was really funny to see them freak out about the cookies. Every one was shoving each other trying to get pictures of them and they wouldn't let anyone grab one until they each got their picture. 😆 

After the crazy welcome I received, we played lots of games to pass time. You see, our family stays up til' midnight on Christmas Eve. Pretty much like what you do on New Year's Eve. We do the whole countdown thing and everything. We played Spoons, Bible Bingo, White Elephant, and at the very end we decided to play Uno. Something we all regretted playing, after like an hour into the game. We were so determined to finish by midnight, but as the clock kept ticking and time started to approach closer to 12:00 am, we all began to lose hope. Be we kept going anyways, and we ended up finishing the game at 11:59 pm. It was a Christmas miracle! We were all taken by surprise, no one thought we would make it, even I. But we finished just in time for the countdown. 

I had such a great time and I love being surround by all my loving family members. Just thinking back, gives me great chills of joy. 😌 

So I guess this sort of turned into a Christmas post... didn't mean for that to happen. Oops! 

Here's my holiday outfit! :)

Turle neck: JcPenney // Skirt: J.Crew // Belt: Target // Shoes: Nine West (under $100!) // Coat: Anthroplogy 

Wow, its been a while! I feel so terrible for not staying constant on this. But I'm back and I have quite a few posts planned so stay tuned cause there will be more! 😆

I first wanted to post about some cookies I made for Aubrey from The Coastal Confidence. I just want to start off by saying, I have no idea how she found or why she wanted to feature my cookies! I see it as a blessing from the Lord and Him showing His favor over my life. Because of the feature she posted, my profile started to become a little more known and now I have a network connection! So, thank you Jesus! 

But yeah! Anyways, Aubrey from TCC reached out to me and asked to make some holiday cookies and I asked her what kind specifically did she have in mind. Like, did she want candy canes, Christmas trees, snowman, etc. She told me that snowflakes and Christmas trees would be nice and to then surprise her with other ones. I took on the challenge and that day I started to brainstorm. I looked up on Pinterest for ideas, I studied her style and I concluded with light houses, fisherman sweaters, Bean boots, and that classic holiday red truck with a tree in the back! These will probably be some of my favorite designs I've ever created. I'm so grateful for this opportunity that was brought to me. It pushed me to making these designs, that I probably would've never thought to make if Aubrey didn't ask. :)

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