Monday, June 26, 2017

Life Update

I feel like this post has been long over due, but kept putting it off because a lot of uncertainty in my life right now. I've told most of my friends (which are probably most of my readers lol), and am now ready to write about it.

So I'm just going to "blurt" it out and then I'll explain...

I'm dropping out of school.

Yep. Now to explain: I've been in college for four years now and never really found anything that I was so passionate about that I was willing to go through lots of all nighters studying and lots of debt. I've realized that college/ school is not for everybody and I don't think its for me. I do have a goals and I do have a plan, and college is not needed. My "little kid" dream is to open up my own bakery some day. When I made the decision that I was no longer going to be going to school, I started to plan what my next step would be. To open up a bakery, you need money. To do almost anything, you need money, am I right? So I made a plan to save money, and a reasonable goal for me to save a certain amount a money a year to be able to open my own bakery in less than ten years. But to do that I needed a job. And I didn't just want to work anywhere. If I was going to be working, I wanted to be learning and gaining experience in what I wanted to do. So I started to look for hiring baker positions in my area. But with my zero experience working as a baker professionally, I didn't think I had a shot.

By the grace of God, He provided me with a job where not only I will be getting paid, but also be learning everything that I would learn if I were to go to pastry school. You could say that I'm practically getting paid to learn. I feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity. I'm not going to lie; it has been hard. Feeling like the underdog isn't the best feeling, and sometimes I feel like I should be or am going to be fired because I'm under qualified. But it's been a little over a month since I've started, and I haven't been fired just yet.

Anyways, I just wanted to give a little update on my life. I'm excited to finally start the path to my "little kid" dream and I feel like this is just a stepping stone to what my future may be hold. Thank you guys for reading and I would appreciate a little prayer for me if you get the chance. Love you all! 💛

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